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Five Reasons Why You Should Take an Adults Only Trip to Walt Disney World

From the desk of Jaimie Hanson


With Walt Disney World being more popular than ever this year and clients itching to get down there I too couldn’t wait to get back to the happiest place on earth. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to visit frequently and even with a family vacation coming in the fall I felt I needed to get there sooner rather than later to be able to speak to it better with my clients traveling through the summer. So twist my arm and an adults-only trip with my absolute favorite travel partner was born. 

This post was originally intended to showcase what’s changed since the reopening and how to navigate Walt Disney World with the new regulations and restrictions, But honestly, they are changing so fast by the time this is published it will be different again and hopefully completely back to normal soon! 

So instead, let’s change the misconceptions that Walt Disney World is just a place to take your kids and talk about why visiting with just adults is amazing! 

  1. The Food

Over the years Walt Disney World and Disneyland have re-invented the “theme park food” experience and it is so amazing! Every single time we are there we have a whole new variety of places to try. From new sit-down restaurants by Michelin star chefs to the fantastic food carts, and unbelievable food festivals your whole trip can be planned around just trying the new dining experiences. 

While kids are welcome in any Walt Disney World restaurant’s  If it’s an adults-only trip we do tend to add a few more of the Walt Disney World Signature Restaurants to our list. On this trip was a trifecta of amazing with California Grill, Topolinos Terrence, and Wine Bar George all in the mix.   

  1. The Fantastic Resorts

Sure, the parks are great but what if I told you I’ve taken trips to Walt Disney World and didn’t step foot in a theme park. You would probably say, why would I go all the way to Walt Disney World and not go to the parks (right). Because the resorts are AMAZING and there is so so much to do at each one and you could easily spend days just bopping around the resorts and still not be able to everything. And dare I say, possibly even return home from Walt Disney World relaxed and rejuvenated instead of exhausted from a power vacation where you try to do it all. 

The resort you are staying at will be your home base so make sure you pick one with the amenities that mean the most to you and one that is going to have activities you are interested in participating in (especially if you are planning on spending time by the pools). But beyond the place where you plan to rest your head and the pool you plan on swimming in you are able to visit all of the resorts (and their restaurants) as often as you like. 

  1. The Flexibility 

Traveling with just one other adult gave us significant flexibility to be spur of the moment, tour at our own pace, and do what we wanted to do when we wanted to do it. For us, this meant being up and out the door early, getting to the parks before the crowds, riding as many attractions as we possibly could, then by noon visiting the Fantastic Resorts (see above) for lunch, drinks, or pool time and then heading back to the parks later in the evening when the crowds left again and catching the attractions we missed in the morning. 

The Walt Disney World Skyler - A game changer when it comes to quickly getting around


  1. The Fun

We had so so much fun! For us, this trip was about getting to see and do as much as we possibly could. When I’m traveling with the whole family our pace tends to be a little slower and a little more relaxed (which is wonderful and keeps stress levels at bay) but this trip we were on a mission, ride all the rides my daughter is still too short to ride, touch all of the new or newly refurbished resorts on property, and check off as many restaurants as we could off of our bucket list. And we did it, laughing, joking, and playing the whole time.

  1. All the Feelings 

Walt Disney World is about Magic, no matter how you look at it it’s about the feelings you have when you are there, the feelings you had as a kid, and the feelings you get when you think about the memories you made. Whether you are going as a family or as just a couple of adults the trip will be different but will still give you all those happy feelings 

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